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PBC DVD (Primary Biliary Cholangitis)

DVD link We are distributing a very useful DVD on PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis). If you wish to receive a copy of this DVD please send us an email at

including your name and address along with daytime and evening telephone numbers.

Information leaflets available

1 Liver Patient Support - Single sheet leaflet

2 Accommodation for Patients, their Families and Carers at the Freeman Hospital - Single sheet leaflet

3 Autoimmune Hepatitis - Single sheet leaflet

4 Alcohol & Liver Disease - Eight page booklet

5 Looking After Your Liver - Single sheet leaflet

6 Primary Biliary Cholangitis - Single sheet leaflet

7 Coping with Stress - Single sheet leaflet

8 Primary Liver Cancer - Single sheet leaflet

9 You & Your Consultant - Single sheet leaflet

10 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis - Single sheet leaflet

11 Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Lifestyle Guide - A5 Booklet

11a Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis & Fatty Liver - Single sheet leaflet

12 Liver Disease - Single sheet leaflet
(the text of this factsheet is reproduced below)

13 Skin Care in Liver Patients and Transplant Patients - Single sheet leaflet

14 Diet and Liver Disease - DL booklet

14a Nutrition Support in Liver Disease - DL booklet

15 Hepatitis C - DL booklet

16 Travel Insurance - Single sheet leaflet

17 Hepatitis E - Single sheet leaflet

18 Fatigue in Liver Patients/A Patient's Journey - DL booklet

19 Understanding Tests in Healthcare - Single sheet leaflet

21 Exercise & Osteoporosis in Liver Patients - Single sheet leaflet

22 Hepatic Encephalopathy - Single sheet leaflet

24 Covid-19 Self Help Toolkit - 16 page A5 booklet using 4 x A4 sheets

Printing Instructions for Covid-19 booklet 24 - printing & collating guide

Other Publications

Annual Reports and Account for each Year

can be found on the Charity Commission website by using this link:(copy & paste into your browser)



The LIVErNORTH Book of Remembrance situated in the Freeman Hospital Chapel - PDF document

Grant Application Form:

Grant Application - A4 Word document

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